Yoga for Mental Health

When: Thursdays from 7p-8p starting March 9

Join me for a 6-week Yoga for Mental Health intensive starting March 8, 2023. The format will be a yoga class (mat, props, comfy clothes), and it will interweave psychological principles and concepts (largely drawn from DBT, ACT, and CBT) in a sequence of postures. There will be a theme or specific focus each week. The goal of the group is to provide tools and a space to connect with therapeutic principles in an embodied way. The class will incorporate gentle movement and breathing exercises with the goal of acting on the parasympathetic branch of the nervous system (rest and digest). Most of the time our lives are driven by the sympathetic branch (fight or flight, chronic stress, trauma, anxiety, depression, strenuous exercise, eating disorder behaviors). The group will be a yoga class format not a group therapy format, which is usually more interactive and involves a check-in. The reason for this is to keep the focus on the poses and skills and, most importantly, on embodiment rather than conversation, which is a cognitive and often sympathetically-driven process. 

Where: Virtual Cost: $125 for 6-week class Registration: